Irish Who?

We are a community of women ruggers based in Saint John, New Brunswick. Our history is long and great, initially starting as a male rugby team based outside of Saint John. Since then we have grown into the community rugby team that we are today. We have players of different backgrounds and stories, they're all part of the Irish RFC family.

2019 Board of Directors

Values: The values our club holds are as stated in the diagram to the right which is based upon confidential player surveys asking about what they value about the environment of the club. We believe that values should come directly from the players, coaches, and volunteers who by contributing to the club make it unique and a safe space for everyone.  

Mission: Our mission as individuals and a club is to spread our love of rugby to those who are willing to let us. We want to provide equal opportunities to everyone and make whoever walks across our pitch know that they have something to offer the club, the community, and most importantly, themselves.